RheoTune for Three Gorges Dam

hina Yangtze Three Gorges Project (TGP), as one of the biggest hydropower-complex project in the world, ranks as the key […]

RheoTune | rheometric profiles both yield strength and viscosity of fluid mud

Stema RheoTune for setting of the nautical depth doing so by measuring the yield stress, viscosity and density of the fluid mud. This enables portmanagers to save costs on dredging.

Measuring the subbottom of the Port of Bristol fluid mud

Port of Bristol’s conservancy manager and port hydrographer, Mark Burrows, tells about the UK port’s difficult hydrographic requirements and the […]


Silas HRS processing

Navigable Depth in Cochin Port, India

tema Systems, the Antea group & IIC technologies┬ácollaborate as partners together on the detailed approach and methodology for the assignment […]

Silas & Rheotune enlarges harbor’s navigability

Silas & Rheotune enlarges harbor’s navigability. By using our systems the nautical depth shows more clear keel clearance as seen […]

Nautical depth; the most accurate nautical depth measurement in fluidmud

ABSTRACT Harbours and their access channels need to be dredged to the nautical depth to ensure safe vessel passage. When […]

Silas Acquisition

Silas HRS acquisition

Nautical depth: RheoTune a portable density probe and yield strenght

Stema DensiTune for in-situ density and yield strength measurements in the fluid mud. The most accurate way to measure the nautical depth.


Stema GNSS982-PoE


Stema USB-A/D Box

P-160 tilt sensor

P-160 Subsea PoE tilt sensor
Range tilt -80/+80. Stainless steel housing with steel baseplate. 3x M18x1,5 openings for PoE in, out and optional external sensor