Stema EBP Systems Ultra-high resolution sub-bottom profiling

The EBP system has been developed to yield optimal results in the area of 3 – 33 kHz sub bottom […]

Totstandkoming van de High Speed Power Tow Winch 11 kW

Stema Systems High Speed Power Winch 11 kW Bijzondere lier Bijzondere lier combineert compacte afmetingen met groot vermogen en hoge […]

Global Geophysical sub-bottom Survey Support

Global Geophysical sub-bottom Survey Support offers consulting which has proven its added value many times. Due to our hydro-graphical and geophysical […]

Geophysical survey support & geophysical processing

Geophysical survey support, geophysical processing & seismics that is Stema Geophysical survey support & processing. We have proven our added […]

SILAS high resolution geophysical sub bottom software

SILAS high resolution geophysical sub bottom software. Data acquisition, processing and interpretation tool subbottom for profiling and seismic survey. SILAS […]

Silas data acquisition, processing and interpretation tool for seismic survey

SILAS is a complete data acquisition, processing and interpretation package to cover a wide range of tasks. It is source […]

New developed High Speed Power tow winch 11 kW

The functionality of the winch benefits from the integration of the dedicated Stema Systems software that allows the winch to […]

SILAS – Depth of Burial Cables & Pipelines (DOB and UXO)

The new SILAS Cable & Pipeline detection system (EBP) is a 2D and 3D seismic system, which is able to […]

RheoTune Nautical bottom mapping

Introduction Setting The setting is a natural harbour and river estuary. The river and estuary are too shallow for large […]

Plug & play survey vessel

The Stema plug & play survey containerable boat A containerable, trailerable, fast maneuverable and comfortable sea- grade aluminum cabin plug […]

The facilitation economical dredging using Stema Systems Silas sub-bottom profiling for the seismic investigation of sand aggregates in the Maas river

Introduction Problem description In order to enable the most cost efficient dredging it was decided to execute a seismic site […]

Seismic research using RheoTune and Silas for remediation of the Otheense Creek (NL)

Problem description Environmental research has indicated that the siltation layer at the seabed in the Otheense Creek area has been […]