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Stema Systems does your geophysical surveys and has developed a market leading sub-bottom profiling methodology using a combination of uniquely designed equipment with in-house developed Silas software, resulting in a system that can provide a host of sub-bottom analysis results catering to the clients specific needs. Depth of burial of the power cable(s) en pipelines now can be processed by the Silas software.

Over the past 10 years this combination of hardware and software has enabled the unparalleled insight into the sea/river bottom saving the users vast amounts of expenditure by enabling preventative dredging and negating claims by ship owners by providing an accurate picture of the slip and density of the fluid mud in its harbours.

We offer geophysical survey support, process geophysical data & and install systems.

Stema Geophysical surveying & processing has proven its added value many times. Due to our hydrographical and geophysical experience the […]

The functionality of the winch benefits from the integration of the dedicated Stema Systems software that allows the winch to […]

The new STEMA EBP Cable & Pipeline detection system is a seismic system, which is able to detect linear objects […]

Stema RheoTune for setting of the nautical depth doing so by measuring the yield stress, viscosity and density of the fluid mud. This enables portmanagers to save costs on dredging.

2016 Navigable Depth in Cochin Port, India

Stema Systems, the Antea group & IIC technologies collaborate as partners together on the detailed approach and methodology for the assignment […]

Silas & Rheotune enlarges harbor’s navigability

Silas & Rheotune enlarges harbor’s navigability. By using our systems the nautical depth shows more clear keel clearance as seen […]

Nautical depth; the most accurate nautical depth measurement in fluidmud

ABSTRACT Harbours and their access channels need to be dredged to the nautical depth to ensure safe vessel passage. When […]

New 2018 SILAS release V3.9.5.1

Dear Silas user, We are pleased to inform you that the latest release of the Silas sub-bottom profiling software is […]