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Underwater Acoustic Modems

About Underwater Acoustic Modems

S2C M HS Modem The new high-speed mini-modem offers incredible 62.5 kbps for short-range transmissions. S2C M modems are fully compatible with […]

  S2C M Mini Modems The S2C M series of “mini-modems”, a product line designed for size- and weight-sensitive applications, […]

S2C R 48/78 Underwater Acoustic Modem S2CR 48/78 with a horizontally omnidirectional transducer beam pattern is a high-speed device for […]

S2CR 18/34 S2CR 18/34D S2CR 18/34 and 18/34D Directivity Pattern S2CR 18/34 Underwater Acoustic Modem S2CR 18/34 with a horizontally […]