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Stema Systems supplies hydrographical and geophysical related measurement systems.

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Insight in the sub bottom

Dear RheoTune user, A new software package is available for the RheoTune, containing updated versions of RheoLog, RheoEdit and RheoCal. […]

Dear Silas user, Silas V3.10.1.0 is now available. This release contains updated versions of both Silas Acquisition (V3.10.1.0) and Silas […]


SILAS software has been developed for users of acoustic systems who want high detail (ultra high resolution) from their acoustic measurements. Our users are hydrographic surveyors, geologists, port authorities, governmental organizations and scientific institutes. Dredging- , Hydrographic companies and Port Authorities use Silas to obtain more information about water depth, silt layers and sub bottom characteristics. Besides sediment quantity/layers, also the sediment type and sediment characteristics can be established, as well as information on possible obstacles in the bottom. Geologists use Silas in combination with profilers, boomers or sparkers, to obtain detailed information for sub bottom sediment classification.

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All equipment

EBP silas Cable & Pipeline object detection system for Depth of Burial Cables & Pipelines (DOB) and object detection such […]

Stema RheoTune for setting of the nautical depth doing so by measuring the yield stress, viscosity and density of the fluid mud. This enables portmanagers to save costs on dredging.

The functionality of the winch benefits from the integration of the dedicated Stema Systems software that allows the winch to […]

R2Sonic 2024 Wideband Multibeam Echosounder
0.5 x 1.0 degree angular resolution, 100 m depth rating, 500m range multibeam, 160 deg swath width