Our work is out there to be seen

Stema Systems has worked with a number of clients that have very specific and demanding needs, we are proud to be able to share some of the cases with you; we hope that they will provide an insight into how the systems constructed by us can be used and to illustrate how they can be implemented. In the cases below you will find a range of utilizations of the various combinations of the products that fall within the product portfolio of Stema Systems, most of the application that you will read about have been co-developed with our clients to meet a very specific need. We were able to provide the equipment thru the mobilization of the expertise that Stema has in-house and in close corporation with the clients, it is the philosophy of Stema Systems to work with our clients to understand their final objective and then construct a system that will deliver the results needed.

SILAS 3D Depth of Burial Seismic Sub-bottom profiler

Silas 3D is a complete  data acquisition, processing and interpretation system. We capture the Depth of Burial of objects such […]

2021 Q1 New SILAS release V3.10.6.0

Dear Silas user, The Silas 3D viewer is now available in the latest Silas release, the Silas V3.10.6.0 release also […]