Silas subbottom profiling software

Technical Details


Silas subbottom profiling software


SILAS software has been developed for users of acoustic systems who want more detail from their acoustic measurements. Our users are hydrographic surveyors, geologists, port authorities, governmental organizations and scientific institutes. Dredging- , Hydrographic companies and Port Authorities use Silas to obtain more information about water depth, silt layers and sub bottom characteristics. Besides sediment quantity/layers, also the sediment type and sediment characteristics can be established, as well as information on possible obstacles in the bottom. Geologists use Silas in combination with profilers, boomers or sparkers, to obtain detailed information for sub bottom sediment classification.


Data Processing Module:

  • Shot and shotpoint coördinates are mixed in off-line processing mode;
  • navigation window with x-line selection;
  • Autotracing options
  • Swell removal filter
  • Noise removal by various filtering techniques;
  • Correction of data for intensity variations;
  • Correction of signal strength for energy losses;
  • Calculation of in-situ density using reflection intensities and in-situ density measurement data;
  • Import of borehole data
  • Export of data to html, CAD, Ascii