Echotrac CV100

Teledyne odom Echotrac model CV100 Low Frequency
Portable, splash-proof (IP-65), Hydrographic echo sounder. An Ethernet LAN capable unit with Low Band (24kHz to 50kHz) frequency agile transceiver board. Supplied with Odom E-Chart (Windows compatible control & display software), a DC power cable 912 to 24VDC), two serial interface cables, an Ethernet Crossover cable, transit case and an Operation / Installation manual (on CD).

Digibar Pro

Teledyne Odom Digibar Pro


Teledyne Odom MKIII


Teledyne Reson 8101 Multibeam

mulitbeam 8125

Teledyne Reson 8125 Multibeam


Kongsberg EM2040 multibeam

Multibeam EM3002

Kongsberg EM3002 multibeam

Hydrotrac II

Teledyne Odom Hydrotrac II
Single frequency echo sounder with frequency agile transceiver; including 2 rolls of recording paper, power cable, Ethernet interface cable, Odom eChart control and display software, internal GPS


Teledyne Odom Echosounding/HiRes Seismic Transducer 24/200


Teledyne/Odom Echosounding/HiRes Seismic Transducer 33/200
Over-the-Side, 200BB/33kHz-5/23d, M177-2, C44, 10m, 5P
(echosounding, nautical depth very high resolution seismics)