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About Hydrography

There are many systems that will allow a range of hydrographical surveys to be made, however where Stema Systems distinguishes itself from the rest is that we are in a position to create tailor made solutions that will best suit the application needed of the client, such as basic units for the monitoring of barge dredging to the complete water column analysis from surface to actual bottom.

This possible combination of various modules ensures that Stema Systems is able to provide the clients exactly what they need at the most efficient price point avoiding costly and inefficient investments in the equipment. Stema Systems will with the help of its experienced staff assemble the hydrographical analysis system that is best suited for the application, it is able to do so due to the wide range of manufacturing partners that have been working with Stema since 1986.

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R2Sonic 2024 Wideband Multibeam Echosounder
0.5 x 1.0 degree angular resolution, 100 m depth rating, 500m range multibeam, 160 deg swath width

2016 Navigable Depth in Cochin Port, India

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Real-time cable touch down monitoring

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Silas useful in pollution isolation project

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