Plug & play survey containerable boat

Technical Details


Plug & play survey containerable boat

New for sale and rental, the Stema plug & play survey containerable boat

A containerable, trailerable, fast maneuverable and comfortable sea- grade aluminum cabin plug and play survey boat, with built-in pre-calibrated survey equipment, such as but not limited to single or multi-beam. The boat is a turn-key survey vessel, calibrated and ready to survey. Crews can reach and survey larger areas in less time, the pre-calibrated survey equipment allows them to quickly start working. It works fast and comfortable for its crew. It saves a lot of time and money for her (end) users.
Commercial & Operational deployment
This boat can be quickly deployed in various areas. Its light-weight aluminum body makes the boat both easily transportable in a standard high cube container, on a standard road trailer and is lifetable onto a dredging mothership, thus providing a great commercial scope. Its top speed of 40 km/h makes for quick and easy transfers to the survey locations. Its survey speeds up to 32 km/h make for efficient and quick coverage of large areas. It has a spacious and comfortable cabin, with lots of workspace for2-4 crew, suspension seats, autopilot, air conditioning and heater.

The new Plug & Play Survey boat 7.25 by Stema Systems is especially designed for both high and low speed surveying. Hullshape, sterndrive and trim tabs provide for a clean water flow, level ride and controlled maneuvers in all operational speed areas, essential for good surveying results. The interior design aims at operational efficiency and weight saving, but considers the comfort of the crew at the same time. Stema Systems uses the two available moon pools, just behind the cabin, for fixed mounting of multibeams.
State of art survey tools – This survey boat comes with first class, fully integrated survey equipment, already tailored to your needs. The R2Sonic market leading multibeam brand is flawlessly integrated into the hull. Whether you need extremely high detail, or where cost efficiency is the main driver, a suitable option is at hand. Several motion sensing, positioning and inertial navigation choices are available. All systems will be pre-installed and calibrated by Stema Systems, ready to start surveying immediately. Stema Systems 30 years of surveying experience within the hydrography, geophysical field and our research has led to the design of this practical, highly maneuverable lightweight, trailerable and containerable boat. Reason for us to build our boat was to get the highest quality data while surveying and to minimalize the mob and demob costs. Now you just need a sailing surveyor to do the job.

Inhouse production by Stema Systems

The survey boat has especially been designed and home build around the survey equipment instead of first building the boat. We wanted to build a boat only with the purpose for hydrographic and geophysical surveys means. Our 30 years of experience has led to the production of the Stema plug & play survey. The product launch took place at the OI2016, the ExCel centre in Londen.