Cable touchdown monitoring

Technical Details


Cable touchdown monitoring

Stema’s & Ece Offshore exclusive cable touch down monitoring systems


Now for rent: the monitoring systems including surveyor possible.

    • Realtime monitoring of cables and umbilicals during lay operations
    • Cost-effective: vessel-fixed system, no need for ROV or survey vessel deployment
    • Provision of as-build data including integrity values
    • Reduction in operational risk and costs
    • Deliverables during operation:
    • Realtime touchdown-point monitoring
    • Installation parameters: layback, departure angle, curvature, bottom tension
    • Trench & boulder detection
    • Post-lay deliverables:
    • Consolidation of cable parameters as monitored during the operation:
    • touchdown point
    • distance off-line
    • departureangle
    • bottom tension
    • bend radius