Stema Dredge Positioning System (DPS)

Technical Details


Stema Dredge Positioning System (DPS)

The Stema Dredge Positioning System (DPS) is a highly versatile positioning system built up around the Stema GNSS-982PoE receiver. With its possibilities to interface with a wide
range of accurate motion, tilt en draught sensors is it a useful tool for Real-time Dredge Positioning. The DPS GNSS-982 PoE brings the latest positioning and interface
technology to the field of hydrography, dredging and offshore. The versatile multichannel, multifrequency GNSS receiver provides an accurate position and heading solution and interfaces
with our range of accurate tilt, motion and draught sensors. This modular set provides high accuracy positioning of both the cutting edge and seabed detection. Proven Trimble technology is combined with extensive input/output possibilities. This makes it the ideal receiver for both dredge monitoring and survey positioning. The built-in switch and 2G/3G modem minimises auxiliary parts and enables remote support.

Hydro survey
Offshore construction

The Dredge Positioning System GNSS-982 PoE is foremost an excellent positioning device for both RTK and satellite augmented (Ominstar and Marinstar) positioning solutions. The on board 2G/3G modem for VRS correction services doubles as interface for data transfer and remote support.
The Power over Ethernet can power and interface with a wide range of digital sensors. These include tilt, roll/pitch, pressure and flow meters. Further sensors are being developed and can be built to clients specifications. Serial interfaces are available for external radio and can be programmed to interface with trigger switches for event marking: as-built position or filling operations.


The Dredge Positioning System GNSS-982 PoE is a concise unit that can integrate various signals with a minimal demand on cabling. This keeps the system tidy and clear. Trouble shooting spaghetti is history! A single Ethernet Advanced Trimble Maxwell Custom Survey GNSS technology with 440 channels and simultaneous satellite reception.

VRS RTK correction over internet
50 Hz centimeter level position accuracy
50 Hz precise heading calculation
L-BAND DGNSS receiver
Ethernet switch onboard
Power over Ethernet output for external sensors
2G/3G internal modem
Ethernet configuration via web browser
PPS out
Optimal design for both survey and dredge operation

Reliable dredge positioning GNSS technology from Trimble moves the industry forward and redefines high-performance positioning:
Onboard multipath mitigation
Proven low-elevation tracking technology
Dramatically improved RTK initialization times
Kalman filter assistance in case of lost RTCM signal
Future proof with Galileo ready hardware