Geophysical surveying & processing

Technical Details


Geophysical surveying & processing

Stema Geophysical surveying & processing has proven its added value many times. Due to our hydrographical and geophysical experience the consultants know the best way to prepare you for a subbottom survey. Our famous 3 step approach guides you to an efficient & effective survey for the best results.

Step 1 Inventory, method- and equipment choice
Step 2 Startup guidance survey; mobilization
Step 3 Processing raw data into establish
Clients’ deliverable

Data Processing can commence as soon as data has been acquired. Stema’s consultants offer their assistance towards clients in the early beginnings of a (geological) project. By choosing the right project approach and the application of the adequate equipment, processing will be easier and more accurate. We offer to set up the mobilization for the geophysical part and help you start up the survey. The employment of the survey equipment the customer can do himself. Subsequently the survey team is provided with the right tools to gain raw data in order to obtain the best quality product, whilst in our office the raw data will be processed by our experienced geophysicist. Due to the use of our modular software suite we can deliver results quickly and accurately in a variety of media products.

Universities, contractors, survey- companies and also other consultancy agencies often work with the Stema Consultants. For equipment comparison, processing & interpretation our consultants are used to work with subbottom systems; magnetometers, boomers, sparkers, singlebeam, SES, Rheotune probes etc. All are integrated in the high-resolution Silas ® software.

Areas of application
• Geophysical studies
• Acoustic density mapping
• Pipeline route/site survey detection
• Power cable route survey detection
• Managing filling quantities in disposal area’s
• Nautical depth studies/site surveys in Harbors
• Water bottom stability assessment in coastal studies
• Sediment studies and search for marine aggregates

Our Team

Stema Systems has developed a market leading sub-bottom profiling methodology using a combination of uniquely designed equipment with in-house developed software, resulting in a system that can provide a host of sub-bottom analysis results catering to the clients’ specific needs.

Over the past 30 years this combination of hardware and software has resulted in thorough insights into the sub-bottom in which we now consult. The way our team works is easy and reliable. Each project will be executed by a junior or medior geophysical consultant depending on the skills needed for the project and is always monitored by one of the senior geologists.

For each assignment a plan will be made with the customer and internally approved by the senior geologist. The final client report will be signed off by the project consultant and the senior geologist.

Each medior staff-member has over 5 years of experience and has an MSc University Geology degree. Each dedicated employee at Stema also has knowledge of hydrographical experience.


Singapore Juray Town Corporation
India Port of Cochin
Netherlands RWS
Germany WSA Emden
Germany HPA Hamburg
Contractors Van Oord, DEME, Boskalis, Fugro
Denmark TeleDanmark
USA Han Padron Associates, Consulting Marine Engineers
USA US corps of engineers
Belgium Flemish government
China Guangzhou MSA
China Shanghai Harbors
UK National Grid

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