Silas & Rheotune enlarges harbor’s navigability

About Silas & Rheotune enlarges harbor’s navigability

Silas & Rheotune enlarges harbor’s navigability. By using our systems the nautical depth shows more clear keel clearance as seen by regular depth sounder.

Many harbors who suffer from fluid mud now use the Silas & Rheotune to clarify the nautical depth and ships can still enter their harbor. The picture above shows an accurate analyses of the fluid mud and its density and yield stress. This was made during one of our international projects. The display clearly shows the ability for navigation by ships is greater than the standard depth (by depth sounder or seen by a multibeam). The nautical depth is significantly deeper and more navigable, the under keel clearance therefore is larger than seen by sonar! In this case the dredging may also be post pone which also leads to decrease the total costs for the harbor. The harbors of Cochin (India), Hamburg, Rotterdam, Emden, Hong Kong, Shanghai and other use our system frequently have already decreased the cost of dredging. The Rheotune measures the density and yieldstress of the mud to determine the navigability and is processed by SILAS; the ultra high resolution software. The system is frequently used by port authorities and dredgers.

Stema systems, the specialist in fluid mud and silt measurement systems, has succeeded in implementing the theoretical background of tuning fork technology into a hand on measurement device. Accurate In-situ density and yield-strength profiles are obtained virtually calibration free. An easy to use interface and compact size are valued.

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