High-end multibeams 2024 for The Flemmish Government

About High-end multibeams 2024 for The Flemmish Government

The flemmish Government is in a proces of modernising their hydrographic survey capacity. This program consists of newbuilding and upgrading existing vessels. Mid 2010 the department of coastal survey initiated two open tendering procedures for turn key delivery of a complete multibeam system on their seagoing surveyvessels Hydro 1 and new build Hondius.

The Flemmish Government awarded Stema Systems the contract for the turn key delivery, installation, training, commissioning and support of a complete multibeam set consiting of sounder, gyro-motionsensor, soundvelocity sensors, survey PC, software.

The tendering criteria focussed strongly on quality, operational excellence and support. Proposals of Stema Systems occupied places 1 to 4 in the final ranking. In the technical section the score was even higher. All 6 proposals were in within the first 7 ranking.

Following aspects led to the ranking:

  • High-end components from f.i. R2Sonic 2024 and Ixsea Octans 3000 with excellent specifications;
  • A thorough concept for system installation on the small vessel. With both multibeam transducer and motion sensor over the side the vast operational experience of Stema Systems worked out a design that honoured both efficient mobilisation and survey and working conditions and safety;
  • A complete warranty and support proposal.

The contracts were both successfully realized.